Board Members

The structure of our program revolves around four volunteer committees — Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Restructuring – that have developed important goals and reached key objectives designed to make our Main Street area more attractive to residents and visitors as well as more economically viable for local businesses.

The Collegeville Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) board is made up of various business owners and Collegeville residents.

Board Members

  • Cathy Kernen, President
  • Karen McCaslin, Secretary
  • Andrea Baptiste
  • Justin Bartolomucci
  • Barbara Collins
  • Brian Millard
  • Reese McKnight
  • Pastor Suzanne Schwarz-Green
  • P.K. Sindwani
  • Adjunct Board member Mayor of Collegeville Aidsand Wright-Riggins

Board and Committee Responsibilities

The CEDC coordinates aspects of the commercial revitalization process, with considerable independent judgment and initiative, with the guidance of the Board of Directors. With the help of four volunteer committees, part of what the CEDC is responsible for:

  • Organizing downtown interests in a unified manner
  • Working towards common-end objectives
  • Approaching design issues as a means to create or preserve an attractive physical setting
  • Coordinating promotional activities and events
  • Structuring economic opportunities
  • Attracting new business opportunities
  • Developing viable marketplace enterprises