Why Choose Collegeville?

Collegeville, PA is a great place to live and do business.  Consider some of the reasons to locate your business in Collegeville, PA.

The Population Of The Collegeville Area Is Educated And Affluent

In 2010, the Borough’s median household income was approximately twice the State median at $95,000 per household. About 40% of adults have college and advanced degrees. Almost 4,600 people live in Collegeville Borough, with close to 100,000 people living within a 5-mile radius

The Borough Is Well Run And The Infrastructure Is Well Maintained

The Borough and the Council are supportive of businesses moving into the borough. There are no additional taxes on businesses or forms to be completed other than those required by law.

Collegeville Borough Is Home To Ursinus College, A Liberal Arts College With 1,600 Undergraduate Students And 500 Staff

Student discretionary spending is estimated to be $2.2 to $5.1 million. Ursinus College President, Dr. Bobby Fong, is highly invested in the community. He totally supports the efforts of the Borough and the CEDC to attract new businesses into town. In a late 2010 survey conducted by the CEDC, the students indicated their strong support for more entertainment in Collegeville, including a movie theater, bowling, mini-golf, rock wall climbing, yoga, an arts/crafts studio and an art gallery.

Collegeville Is One Of The Safest, Crime Free Areas In Pennsylvania

The Borough has its own highly professional police force. Most of the surrounding areas rely on the State Police.

 The Area Surrounding Collegeville Has Experienced Rapid Growth And Affluence

High tech industries continue to bring well-paying jobs to the area; Just outside of the Borough are Pfizer pharmaceuticals’ large global campus, GlaxoSmithKline’s research and development facility along with a Quest Diagnostics administrative facility.

PA Route 29 Brings Over 42,000 Cars Daily Through The Center Of The Borough’s Main Business District

Daily traffic on Main Street-Ridge Pike thoroughfare averages more than 14,000 cars a day.

Collegeville Offers Numerous Amenities For Families And Businesses, Yet Retains The Charm And Hospitality Of A Small Town

It is a walkable community; The CEDC and The Main Street Program are committed to helping owners attract additional customers though Main Street special events. Visit our event calendar for more information.

Businesses Along Main Street That Provide Goods And Services Of Interest To Trail Users Could Profit From Peak Trail Activity From April To October

The scenic Perkiomen Trail runs directly through the Borough which has created a trail head area with a parking lot, bike racks, and a seating area. A survey of trail users conducted in 2008 showed that over 395,000 people use the trail primarily for cycling and walking. Most were local residents who spent one to two hours on the trail.

The Commitment Of The Community And Loyalty Of Residents To Support Local Businesses Is Very High

In 2010, the CEDC surveyed residents about supporting Farmers’ Market of local farmers and vendors. In 2011, the Main Street program created the market, which is open each Saturday between May and November, in the center of Collegeville’s Main Street district. Local residents consistently patronize the market. The customer count each Saturday is approximately 400. This year, 2013, there will be 25 vendors at the peak of the market, five more than last year.

Extensive Market Research Has Been Done To Evaluate The Level Of Support The Community Would Provide For Various Types Of Business

In 2011, the CEDC commissioned a market study to determine the needs of the business district and how to best develop it. This information forms the strategic plan for future improvements and provides potential businesses with local market and customer data (Available for review).

Topline, Research Shows A Large, Untapped Consumer Demand And Affluence In The Collegeville Region

Over 2,000 residents surveyed in late 2010 indicated support for new stores and restaurants to open in Collegeville; Demand was high for casual and upscale dining, gifts, stationery and cards, groceries, books, clothing, bakeries, specialty foods and hardware.

A Long-Term Visionary Plan Has Been Completed For Collegeville

The Borough and the CEDC worked with the Montgomery County Planning Commission to develop a separate master plan for revitalizing the community’s two Shopping Centers and connecting them with the town’s Main Street.