S&B Event Concepts & Catering Opens

S&B Event Concepts and Catering

Sodiah Thomas

Sodiah Thomas of S&B Event Concepts and CateringFormer engineer quits her job and follows her passion.

Sodiah Thomas went to the University of Colorado, studied engineering, and landed a plum corporate job.  But she found the job unfulfilling.  “Cooking was creative and I enjoyed expressing myself. I found myself using my family as Guinea pigs for the new recipes I would constantly develop,” she says.

Although new to the Collegeville area, owner Sodiah Thomas started her Events and Catering business in Lansdale 10 years ago. Now with her new events space, and her business slogan of “Creating Delicious Memories,” she is further honing her skills gained through her experience and record of success.

“We’re super-excited to be in the Collegeville area,” says Sodiah.  “S&B is a full service events and catering service staffed to host literally any style of event, from weddings, special dinners, graduations, and outdoor barbeques to baby showers and more. We will serve in our new venue at 25 Bridge Street in Collegeville, or a location of your choice. We come to your home, where we first tidy up your kitchen, then cook, serve you, your guest, and do the final clean up.”  S&B works with both groups and individuals and has done themed events, such as fashion shows, ladies nights, sports parties, or man-cave beef and bourbon nights.

They can handle any size of crowd from lunch or dinners for 1,000 to dinners for two. “We arrive at your home, fix a special dinner for two, and you never have to worry about driving home,” says Sodiah. S&B is also licensed to tend bar.

S&B’s warm and tastefully decorated event space is set up as a home would be, with areas functioning as living and dining rooms. They also have a well-appointed kitchen area, and are planning to offer motivating and fun cooking courses for kids (while Moms enjoy a glass of wine or coffee in the Living Room), and fun, themed cooking classes for adults.

But perhaps most intriguing will be their Mystery Dinners. S&B will be offering a series of full-course mystery dinners paired with wines. Lucky area residents can pay a pre fixe price to be treated to an inspiring and unforgettable dinner in their Dining Room.