Pivot Physical Therapy in Collegeville

Pivot Physical Therapy, Collegeville Pa

Pivot Physical Therapy

Pivot Physical Therapy has been providing comprehensive physical therapy services in the Collegeville Shopping Center since August, 2018.

Clinic Director and Physical Therapist Matthew J. Sauer, who holds a doctorate in physical therapy, evaluates and provides services to safely and efficiently get patients back to their regular activities.

Screening, Exercise and Education

Most people experience pain, stiffness and joint impairment at some time: a consequence of work or age. One cause of these issues often overlooked is the effect of bad posture. People tend to hunch over and round their shoulders when using phones, computers, and while driving. This can cause pain in arms, shoulders and neck, as well as headaches. And as people age, it becomes more important to strengthen the core area to retain mobility and improve balance to prevent falls.

For area residents experiencing pain, joint or aging problems, Pivot Physical Therapy offers free 10- to 20-minute functional screenings. These screenings help individuals learn how to improve their health and help them start discussions with their doctors. The practice treats physical problems in people of all ages, from pediatric and adolescent, to middle aged and geriatric patients.

For Clinic Director Matt Sauer, his satisfaction comes when he can identify the true cause of a patient’s problem. “For each patient, we perform a thorough evaluation and develop a plan to help them return to good health,” says Matt. “We provide therapy for balance and gait impairments, vertigo and dizziness, joint replacements, neck, back and spine treatments, sports injuries, and post-surgical care.”

Patients also receive education and an exercise plan, both in hard copy and online to help them when they return home. A prescription is needed for their services, and the office accepts most insurance plans.

A Passion for Physical Therapy

Matt is extremely passionate about physical therapy. When he was 14, he broke his hip in a childhood accident. His doctors opted for conservative measures followed by physical therapy to correctly heal his hip, and Matt spent the summer in the care of his adept physical therapists. By August, his hip had healed, and he was able to try out for soccer. Matt was so impressed with his experience that he decided then and there that physical therapy would be his life’s work.

Matt received his B.S. degree from Temple University, and spent three years at Alvernia University in Reading to attain his doctorate. “I was fortunate to train with a clinical instructor who was an expert in manual therapy, which is hands-on kneading and mobilization of muscles and joints,” says Matt.

For free screenings and appointments, call the office at 610-601-0641.

See our office hours and areas of expertise on the Collegeville Pivot Physical Therapy website.