Flower Garden Yoga Now Open in the Collegeville Shopping Center

Flower Garden Yoga

Sarah Reilly

Flower Garden Yoga owner Sarah Reilly is passionate about yoga. She writes in her blog that, “My yoga practice holds me like a hug during the tough times and allows me to celebrate more freely during the easy times.”

“I love teaching yoga,” says Sarah. “I am happy teaching, and it doesn’t matter if there is only one or 10 people in my studio. When I am doing yoga, I am in the moment, I take the time to focus, and I feel less busy. I feel better and I sleep better.”

This busy Mom of two young daughters, who lives in Eagleville, wanted her yoga studio to be nearby. It was also important to her that her business both support and was a part of a local community.

Although Sarah has a Master’s Degree in English Publishing from Rosemont College, she got seriously hooked on yoga when she started classes at age 22 “At first, the class seemed hard, and I was sweaty and hot, but at the end I realized how good I felt.”

The name “Flower Garden” was the name of her previous home yoga business. “There was a garden around my home, and I believe that just like the flowers, we need to tend to ourselves in order to grow,” she explains.

Sarah, along with four talented colleagues, offer a wide range of yoga classes, including Hot Classes and Non-Heated Classes, Kid’s, Prenatal, Restorative, Parent-and-Child, and Gentle Styles of Yoga, Meditation, Workshops, and Trainings.

“We also offer a fun atmosphere for Kid’s Yoga Birthday Parties,” says Sarah. And for the Grown Girls, there are “Girl’s Night out Private Parties to celebrate Birthdays, Weddings, Retirement, Reunions, or just being a girl.”

Starting Sept. 7th, every Friday night is Girls’ Night Out at the studio from 7:30-9 p.m. with rotating styles of yoga followed by light refreshments and the enjoyment of each other. Clients can also BYOB. Flower Garden Yoga is a green environment; so everyone is asked to bring reusable cups or glasses.

To learn more about Sarah’s many free class offerings, including Yoga in the Park and Sunday Yoga, along with her many reasonably priced classes, visit the Flower Garden Yoga web site.

Sarah’s enthusiasm for yoga shines through everything that she says and does, and her joyous personality is inspiring and uplifting.  “Our mission at Flower Garden Yoga is to show people their own inner light so they might shine brightly in the here and now. We always need to remember the importance of our everyday journeys—which is your life—live it! Flower Garden Yoga wants you to tend to yourself, loving and accepting yourself and celebrating what makes You in this moment! Please don’t wait to be happy; be happy now!